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Lenger Qalasy is not an ADM2 administrative subdivision of Kazahstan  XML
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Joined: 13/03/2019 21:56:40
Messages: 2

Hey everyone! My first post here, woohoo

I'm writing to you because I found this A class of data in the database, going by the name "Lenger Qalasy":

My OCD ticked because I found that is defined with following attributes in the database:

 ID: 1537275
 Name: Lenger Qalasy
 Coordinates: 42.18301 69.88393
 Class: A
 Code: ADM2
 ISO2 code: KZ
 Admin1: Shymkent (undefined)
 Admin2: 1537275
 Admin3 & Admin4: <empty>

Now, the reason I believe it should be deleted is all of following together:

1. Qalasy means City in Kazah language, after transliteration to latin alphabet (see faint grayed-out text below original text in Kazah, saying Qalası).

2. Because I suspected it could be a mistaken entry due to #1, I searched the DB, and found PPLA2 entry for the town named Lenger.

3. Looking up given coordinates given in ID:1537275 via OpenStreetMap shows a "settlement" with the name of Lenger. The city is awfully close to the neighboring city of Shymkent, which was quite recently became a "city of republican status" (official announcement in Russian, translated to English using Google Translate). This is most likely the cause of confusion and the reason why someone entered this data into the database.

4. I tried to verify the fact that Lenger exists only as a city, and not as a region by going to several sources:

- Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazahstan, Committee on Statistics, Information about Population. You would be looking for this document (.rar archive, in Russian), filename Б-21-09-4_2018.xlsx, sheet 04-09, row 359, which lists Lenger as a city, pop. 24,025 (Jan 1st, 2019).

- Wikipedia article on Lenger (in English, in Kazah) says:

Lenger [...] is a city in Tole Bi District, Turkistan Region of Kazakhstan. [...] Lenger is the administrative center of the Tole Bi District. 

Well, confirming that something doesn't exists is quite difficult However, I did my best to confirm that Lenger Qalasy does not exist as an administrative division in Kazahstan, and should be deleted from the database.

Thank you

P.S. I tried doing this cleanup myself, hoping it is a moderated process that would end up with some senior data moderator reviewing my deletion request, and proceed according to his/her wishes... Alas, it is not. It just said "not authorized" or something of the sort.

Joined: 08/12/2005 07:39:47
Messages: 4235

thanks a lot for your investigations.

In the wikipedia article for Tole Bi District it is written that it has 1 city and 13 other subdivisions:

I guess that Lenger is the city division within Tole Bi and thus and ADM3. It clearly is not an ADM2 as Tole Bi is the corresponding ADM2.
I have changed it to ADM3.

Best Regards



Joined: 13/03/2019 21:56:40
Messages: 2

Good point making it ADM3, it makes even more sense than deleting it.

Thank you, marc!
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