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Incorrect coordinates and placename for German postal code 29379  XML
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Joined: 28/02/2020 11:54:05
Messages: 1

First let me thank you for this tremendous service you are offering here.
Since I use it I would like to contribute to this data base as well and this I can achieve with correcting some data.

The link to this entry has incorrect coordinates and an incorrect placename.
Coordinates should be 52.659 / 10.694 (instead of 52.733 / 10.717 which points to the town of Wittingen, the latter is correctly listed with the postal code 29378 ).
Since the postal code 29379 identifies the location "Knesebeck" (which is part of the Admin4 "Wittingen") the placename should be corrected to "Knesebeck".

Joined: 20/10/2020 09:59:03
Messages: 1
Location: Germany

It is a bit late but I want to add some more details.

Actually it should be "Wittingen (Knesebeck)" or even better the "local district" (german "Ortsteil") which is in this case "Knesebeck" should be placed in a separate column as in the official source below does (the "Ortszusatz" can be is in Germany the federal state already part of the geonames dataset):
     PLZ 	Ortsname 	Ortszusatz 	Ortsteil 	
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Hagen
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Knesebeck
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Mahnburg
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Transvaal
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Vorhop
 29379 	Wittingen 	Niedersachs 	Wunderbüttel

The problem currently is that the "local district" / "Ortsteil" is not stored in a separate column in the postal code data available for download and you have no way to separate this as it is simply added with a space to the locations name. More "common" is "Wittingen (Knesebeck)" or "Wittingen (OT: Knesebeck"...if you add the name of the local district at all.

Here another example from Germany...this is taken from the geonames postal code data I have imported into PostgreSQL. You can again compare it with the official source of postal codes (

The first row would be sufficient I think the rest is more detailed but as before it would be better to move the "local district" / "Ortsteil" to an extra column and maybe mark the hierarchical level and not just put the "local district" (german "Ortsteil") name after the location name just by separating it with a space.
 postal_code	location_name
 26736	Krummhörn
 26736	Krummhörn Campen
 26736	Krummhörn Canum
 26736	Krummhörn Eilsum
 26736	Krummhörn Freepsum
 26736	Krummhörn Greetsiel
 26736	Krummhörn Grimersum
 26736	Krummhörn Groothusen
 26736	Krummhörn Hamswehrum
 26736	Krummhörn Jennelt
 26736	Krummhörn Loquard
 26736	Krummhörn Manslagt
 26736	Krummhörn Pewsum
 26736	Krummhörn Pilsum
 26736	Krummhörn Rysum
 26736	Krummhörn Upleward
 26736	Krummhörn Uttum
 26736	Krummhörn Visquard
 26736	Krummhörn Woltzeten
 26736	Krummhörn Woquard
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