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The Best Value Baby Monitors to Buy: Reviews  XML
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Parents want to be right next to their babies just in case they need you the most. Unfortunately, that’s nearly impossible to do. If you don’t have house chores then you will be occupied by work. There’s absolutely no way for you to keep your eyes on your children 24/7.

Or is there?

A top rated video baby monitor can serve as the extra pair of eyes that you need to keep your children away from trouble. But the top rated baby monitors don’t just allow you to see your children in their nursery from a distance. Many modern best baby monitors nowadays are filled with smart features that can automatically inform you when your children need you by detecting cries or movements. These smart features are the biggest reasons why, for a lot of parents (especially new parents who are anxious about the well-being of their first-born), a good baby monitor is a blessing.

In this article, we’ll show you the top rated video baby monitors with the most value for you to consider.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics DXR-8 must definitely be one of the best baby monitor camera on the market at the moment. It doesn’t give you the ability to monitor your children from afar using the HD camera and the sensitive microphone array on the unit, the best thing about the DXR-8 is that it has an interchangeable camera lens.

The interchangeable lens offers you a far more customisable monitoring experience than other baby monitors out there. Even though you have to buy the other lenses separately, many customers attested that they are worth the extra investments. The lens that comes with the unit from out of the box is a regular view lens with an optical zoom function. You can get a wide-angle lens from the company, which will allow you to see the entirety of the nursery without having to adjust the position of the camera.

Other than the interchangeable lens, the DXR-8 also includes temperature sensors to notify you on the room temperature. Toddlers are extremely sensitive to temperature and their health can be affected negatively if the room temperature is either too low or too high. The sensors will let you know when you need to adjust the thermostat.

The DXR-8 also includes an audio-only mode to reduce battery consumption. Even when you mute the microphone, LED lights will still let you know when your child starts crying. The camera unit can also act as a two-way radio. You can talk directly into your parent unit and soothe them back to sleep without ever having to leave the confinement of your bedroom (not that any parent would want to.)

The only con about the DXR-8 is that it doesn’t allow you to record or snap pictures through the camera unit. But still, it remains as a premier product in our baby video monitor reviews that you should have on your radar.

Nanit Plus

What the Nanit Plus offers you is an intimate, bird-eye view of your child as they sleep in their crib. Additionally, it is also the ability to check in anywhere through a smartphone app is also one of the biggest selling points that attracted parents to this best WiFi baby monitor.

The camera unit is wall-mounted and should ideally be angled down to the crib in order to get the best possible view of the child sleeping. But aside from giving you a better vantage point to observe your child, the intimate angle also gives the sensors within the Nanit Plus room to work. The sensors inside of the monitor can track your child’s breathing pattern to search for anomalies like sleep apnea and it will also keep a log of your child’s sleeping patterns. All of this is done with the hope of identifying and informing you of abnormal sleeping behaviours early on.

Despite it being one of the best baby monitor reviews function-wise, the Nanit Plus is one of the most expensive baby monitors out there. But if you think all of the extra functions are worth it, we would say that it will be worth your money.

SereneLife Baby Monitor

The camera unit of the SereneLife baby monitor consists of a HD-quality camera and a fairly good microphone array. The camera unit is tied to a parent unit through a secured 2.4GHz wireless connection.

And that is how you are able to view and listen to your child playing in the nursery through the 3.2-inch screen.

Beside security, the 2.4GHz wireless connection also gives you a pretty long transmission range. You can take the parent unit with you for up to 850 feet before the connection begins to get fuzzy. The parent unit uses a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to bother with switching out the batteries every once in a while like with other baby monitors.

The camera unit also has a built-in rechargeable battery for longer operating time. It is mounted on a 360-degree rotatable base, so you can always flexibly change the viewing angle through the parent unit to keep track of your child as they move about the nursery. There is also a speaker that you can play lullabies to calm your child to sleep when they get restless in the night. But one thing that our testers and some customers have reported that the speakers were too good and the lullabies were obnoxiously loud. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to change the volume.

The camera unit has an integrated thermometer to keep you up to date with the current room temperature.

It is one of the best affordable baby monitor now.

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

The Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor must definitely be one of the most technologically advanced best baby monitors on the market at the moment. Rather than approaching baby monitoring with a camera unit and a parent unit, the Owlet Smart Sock is a wearable, sensor-infused sock that can directly monitor your child’s vital signs.

This wearable can keep track of your child’s oxygen level and heart rate. When it detects abnormalities in the vital signs, it will immediately notify you on your phone and the alarm will go off from a base station that you will be instructed to keep inside of the nursery. Annoyingly, if the Sock somehow disconnects from the base station because of connectivity issues, the base station will also sound the alarm and will most likely wake your child up.

There is one huge problem about this, though: there is no video and audio monitoring capability. So most likely, you will have to use the Owlet Smart Sock in tandem with one of the above monitoring systems. But overall, because of its rather amazing capability to keep track of our children’s vital health signatures, the Owlet Smart Sock would be one of our first recommendations to the question of “what is the best baby monitor?”.

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We hope these best baby monitor reviews of best rated baby monitors have been helpful in your search for a best rated baby monitor to equip your nursery with. If you think you still need to see more options before you can make a decision, we have several more review articles of top rated baby monitors that you can look through to solidify your opinion.

Happy shopping!
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